I’ve heard it said, or seen it written, “write what you know.” I know I like observing things, looking for details, and possess a number of other random habits and foibles. (Can a person possess a foible?)

As I work on forming better habits in several areas, my hope is to use this space to build a habit of writing. Writing about observations, lessons learned or in progress, creative thoughts, and perhaps a project and story or two. In other words, this is going to be a catch-all space for any number of things.

I hope continue building the habit of reading, increasing my vocabulary but also my view of the world around me. I also need to make time for creative outlets, whether painting pictures with words, watercolors, or pixels, I need to find my way back to that process to clear my head of unnecessary thoughts and stresses.

While I may not show up here every single day, I want to hold myself accountable to this process. This will be a time of growing, learning, and taking time to exhale. This space is just a small light in this corner of the web. I hope you’ll find a spot to sit a while and visit!