There are so many things happening around us at any given time. Most of these can be learning experiences if we have that perspective.

One path I’m taking for learning this year is reading. I’ve never been what you would call an avid reader, but occasionally do find a book that I have to read start to finish in a day or two. This year I’m working to increase the number of books I read, in part because of a new position I have at work. I don’t want to be a know-it-all, but I do want to be wise and knowledgeable.

I’ve been reading books on leadership, and some on people management and group dynamics. These are goals for work-related tasks. I also have a few books that are in the creative realm, and more that have to do with growing my faith, and how work and creativity are grounded in that.

We are just over half-way through this year, and my stack of books continues to grow but I keep reading and applying what I read.

And more importantly, I keep learning.