Paper or pixel?
Ballpoint or byte?
What is the tool of choice
When you write?

Written word, as in pen or pencil on paper, has a certain pace it requires. While the pace can be quick or slow, is it more thoughtful than using a keyboard? No, just different.

The keyboard forgives an errant word or phrase quickly but is that always best? Words need to be sought out, studied, played with at times to determine the best fit. When trying on shoes, certain styles just fit better. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear a different style from time to time, to dress up or dress down, but there are styles that become your own.

There are still many words to be placed on this screen, in that journal, in that notebook, on that dry erase board or chalkboard. Choose wisely, choose freely, and if they are to be seen or heard or read to another, choose kindly.

But choose.