Traveling a little further down the path of this art journal, I’m finding it calming to use colors and simple words or phrases to help me process things.

I’ve looked at the field of art therapy a tiny bit, and consider parts of the little understanding I have as I select colors and make marks, and place words on a page. This art journal is more journal, less art but the creative process is part of the journey as I work through some of the thoughts and ideas I have.

The goal is to get them onto the page, so they can be worked out, considered, and resolved in needed, and, they aren’t stuck in my head.

It’s personal development, list making, idea capturing, learning, letting go, and so much more. It’s sometimes easier for me to use an image than to write out the paragraph. The visual reminder allows me to see the image, and recall some of the thought process I went through while sketching or coloring.

The pages may not make sense as if it were a book, but each one is related to my thoughts, and is part of the same story.