A short verse

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Write or wrong

Do you have a preferred way to capture your thoughts and words?


There are so many things happening around us at any given time. Most of these can be learning experiences if we have that perspective. One path I’m taking for learning this year is reading. I’ve never been what you would call an avid reader, but occasionally do find a book that I have to readContinue reading “Learning”

The Journey of One Thousand Miles

Each of the steps I take move me from confusion, to curiosity, to overthinking. Is there a wrong path? I know we ask what the right path is, but what if that’s the wrong question? If there is no wrong path, then moving forward isn’t quite as scary. Right?

A Small Step Forward

I’ve heard it said, or seen it written, “write what you know.” I know I like observing things, looking for details, and possess a number of other random habits and foibles. (Can a person possess a foible?) As I work on forming better habits in several areas, my hope is to use this space toContinue reading “A Small Step Forward”

A Moment

A moment to pause, to breathe in, then out. A moment to consider gratitude.A moment to take in surroundings, colors, sights, sounds. Remember to breathe.Remember to find gratitude, and aim to make it habit.Remember to be aware of the beauty that surrounds. Life is full of difficulties, but also full of blessings. Each moment isContinue reading “A Moment”

A Little Backstory

Here is a little bit of my story. It’s just a quick snapshot, but gives an idea of my perspective, and how I approach updates to our living spaces. Just because we rent our space, doesn’t mean it can’t have some character added. I grew up in Michigan, in the rural part of a countyContinue reading “A Little Backstory”

Organizing Supplies

I love storing and organizing supplies in unique and fun ways. What are some creative ways you organize things in your home?