Take Time

To pause. To give thanks. To consider. To appreciate even if you don’t agree. To listen to a thunderstorm. To just watch clouds go by. To notice how many shades of green appear in the canopy of a tree. To … Continue reading

Family Recipe

There is something I gave to my girls, nieces and nephews a number of Christmases ago. Their nana had passed that September, and I had the opportunity to gather some of the prayers she had written in her journal for … Continue reading

Your Story

Have you ever noticed, when there is a story attached to something, it seems to pull the listener or observer in closer to hear the details. It holds true for me because when I write, or paint, or think, I … Continue reading

Morning Coffee

Almost every morning, I make myself a cup of coffee. A mug, really. With a daughter who was a maestro for a local coffee shop, I learned some things about really tasting different types of coffee, and have put into … Continue reading

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